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Handling Political Tensions

Enabling Change via Participation

This framework is about how people, including politicians, seek changes that relieve socio-political tensions within society.

Change and participation are naturally interconnected:

Simple observation as well as analysis reveals thatClosed some change in society always seems to be needed. Tensions based on struggles over social goods are inevitable in society. A united and sovereign society is likely to find a political solution rather than descending into violent rebellion.

Valuing the Social Order

Political life must be handled thoughtfully to ensure that society can thrive and adjust, that injustices are given attention, and that reforms are introduced in a positive way.

Diagram of the structural hierarchy of political life in society shown vertically.

Positive elements to be fostered are:

Negative elements to be prevented are:

People can lose a sense of what is right, what is good, and what each must do to sustain their society. If breakdown occurs through the abuse of power, life becomes exceedingly difficult.

Just because a political-social order has been stable for a long period does not mean that its foundations may not have been progressively eroded.

ClosedExplanation of the Diagram  

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