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Political Activities in Organizations

Face Up to Politics

The Framework for what determines political choice within organizations was developed earlier in this Satellite. Now we must consider political activities within organizations, and identify differences from similar phenomena within society.

In fulfilling their roles and performing their tasks, ambitious executives necessarily keep one eye firmly on matters like status, promotion and favouritism.

So never forget that the most restrained and outwardly unflappable people work within a sea of emotions and ambitions—their own and others. However strong the wish to deny politics, power-based activities are usually recognizable. The task here is to make this implicit awareness explicit to enable effective handling.

The diagram below reveals that almost every group needs re-considering and re-naming to suit organizational life.

CG1-Arenas of Social Responsibility

CG2-Political Work

CG3-Mobilization for Results

CG4-Inquiry for Policy

CG5-Authorization of Solutions

CG6-Political Will

CG7-Stability & Unity

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Political activities within organizations: a comprehensive overview based on the framework of political life in society.

Compare this with other applications of the Framework:

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