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Some Conjectures

Surprising Finding

All of the Primary Hierarchies, making up the complete Root Hierarchy of Endeavour, have a specific correspondence to the Groupings in Political Life. This semi-neat arrangement of Root Levels with Groupings/Levels of a Structural Hierarchy was wholly unexpected.

The pattern is somewhat disordered and is puzzling. Ascending the Political Life Hierarchy, the Root Level order is: 6-5-1-2-3-4-7. This order has not been seen before and it deserves thought.

Relationships between the groupings in the hierarchy of political life in a society and levels of the Root Hierarchy.

The Structural Hierarchy derived from the various Primary Hierarchies seemed to be an especially relevant part of the correspondence.

Why this is so and what it signifies is obscure at this point. I have not come across this phenomenon before. But this is the first Structural Hierarchy that has been derived from a Principal Typology (via a Spiral). Since making this observation, a second derivation has been investigated in decision-PH'1 with similar findings.

It is likely there is something special about this finding … Closed New observations have often corrected erroneous assumptions in the past. New observations have often focused inquiries into new and highly valuable directions. This new observation is certainly provocative.

Fellow-inquirers are welcome—get to work or email your interest.

See applications of the framework.

Originally posted: August-2009; Last updated: 15-Nov-2010

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