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A Special Focus at Each Grouping

Root hierarchy levels.

As the various Groupings were investigated and prepared for this website, each seemed to throw up a distinctive psychosocial character.

On reviewing these, it is evident that all the Groups in each Grouping, i.e. each G-Level, targets a particular Level in the Framework of Endeavour, the Root HierarchyThe connection might be to the structural hierarchy developed from the primary hierarchy emanated by the Root levels. as shown here. See implications for THEE architecture.

Below is a brief review of each Level/Grouping in terms of the proposed special linkage to the Root Hierarchy.

ClosedSee the picture, and then go for more details to each Grouping.

Relationships between the groupings/levels  in the hierarchy of political life in a society and levels of the Root Hierarchy.

More on this correspondence with the 7 Primary Hierarchies.

Apply this Framework to: geopolitics, organizations and moral communities.

Chapter 7 of Working with Values discusses the identity approaches and their relation to natural moral institutions within society.

The next section of the website considers…Closed how political life needs to be handled so as to produce peaceful change.  This final Framework within Politics is a Tree constructed from this Structural Hierarchy by applying an appropriate dynamic duality. The investigation commences with an observation of the inter-relation of change and participation in the hierarchy of political life.

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