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Continuity v Change

Unfolding Potentials in Political Life

Evolution of the unfolding duality of change versus continuity in the seven groupings of the structural hierarchy of political participation.

All Structural Hierarchies have an unfolding duality: i.e. an intrinsic tension between:

For political life, this duality is continuity versus change.  The unfolding duality is expressed at each Level (i.e. Grouping) of the Structural Hierarchy, and the resolution of the dilemma leads to a new ground state at the next higher Level where a new developmental force appears.

ClosedSee another diagram of the same duality progression.

The ethical aspiration for a society that is politically aware is realized if:

See some applications of this framework.


Build on this Framework by continuing to the next section on: handling change by participating in politics. This next investigation commences with an observation of the inter-relation of change and participation in the Structural Hierarchy just investigated.

If you are interested in THEE technicalities, explore the unexpected finding of relations to Root hierarchy levels.

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