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Sovereignty enables Stability: CG7

Freedom from Outside Interference

The wealth distributed to respond to the imperatives-CG6 comes from wider society. But a society can only prosper where the people, despite their many differences, seek to live peacefully together.

Seeking is not enough. People must actually be able to live in peace despite those inside or out preferring fraud and violence to achieve their ends.

For such a state of unity to be possible in political terms, a society requires two things:

  1. a centralized monopoly on the use of violence within society i.e. the government must provide for a police force and criminal justice system;
  2. sovereignty i.e. the ability to determine its own fate and future without legal interference from outside society.i.e. the government must provide for a state i.e. military, intelligence and diplomatic services.

Unity and stability is the chief preoccupation of a sovereign society.

The vision of unity to enable stability that requires sovereignty.

Stability, peace and order can be handled politically through the government and the citizenry working in concert. Ideally, the state does not need to be involved internally. However, the state must be there as a fall-back to deal directly and decisively (but non-politically) with extreme manifestations of distress and dissatisfaction.

Societal sovereignty involves engagement with all aspects of social life, which means here the handling of all 7 arenas of social responsibility.

Most of the time (and in the absence of civil disorder) people go about activities of all sorts non-reflectively and unquestioningly. This taken-for-granted, spontaneous functioning, called «mass action» constitutes the stable social order that feels natural to all. Read more.

So the sovereignty-CG71 of a society is based on simultaneously engaging with all responsibilities and commitments-CG1.


The Heptad, Sovereignty-CG71, reflects much of what we have discovered about politics. When pursuing any societal course, politics must enable diversity to be handled in a way that treats each and all fairly so far as is possible—whilst most remain fully aware that the powerful dominate, that corruption and injustice remain, and that many expectations of government will not be met.

Sovereignty-CG71 is the precondition for a stability that permits change to deal with discontent. Stability and unity are also intrinsic to prosperity. Any significant general or even localized decrease in prosperity becomes stressful for all, and potentially destabilizing if severe enough.

The function of sovereignty is therefore …Closed to ensure that everyone feels sufficiently integrated and sufficiently prosperous to have a stake in society that inhibits violence as a method to force the government to change course when there is distress and discontent.


We commenced with the notion that participating in social life is an expression of political responsibility. It is now evident that political participation flows from:

By differentiating arenas of responsibility within a sovereign society, a natural and healthy commitment to a stable society is possible for everyone—as detailed in CG1.

All possible groupings of adjacent levels have now been considered.

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