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Political Will

The Imperatives

Political will, the essence of power-in-society, is experienced as an «imperative» which does not brook opposition easily. There are two types of imperative that are manifestations of political will:

Social imperative (CG-62)

Political imperative (CG-61)

The critical feature of these two imperatives is that they determine: allocation and use of resources i.e. the wealth of society. The political will is always perceived as justifiable by the people involved, and actions that flow from imperatives are therefore justified in their terms. However foolish, no further explanation is felt necessary.

Political imperatives have been named that way because politicians gravitate towards them. It seems to them the only way that they can avoid public abuse and get re-elected. Social imperatives are similarly named: they are about improving society and social life.

Remember: Closed Governments have no wealth of their own to allocate—only the wealth they forcibly get or take from someone.

Political Imperatives (CG-61)

Function:  To drive change that deals promptly with immediate social distress.

Orientation: Short-term crisis control to provide a remedy now, and worry about deleterious side-effects later.


ClosedSee the Picture:

ClosedCriticism of political imperatives and the implicit response include:

Social Imperatives (CG-62)

Function: To drive change when certain conditions in society at large become unacceptable.

Orientation: Protection of society as it is now in the light of its self-evident evolution. Proposed changes aim to develop society, with its social capital and tangible wealth, in a fair, effective way.

ClosedSee the Picture: 

ClosedCriticism of the social imperative or the implicit response…

The Desire for Sovereignty

These two aspects of societal power that identify and demand change in society have little effect if society is not in charge of itself. Intrusions from outside of a society that do not respect the culture will cause discord and instability.

Peace and stability are a desire of all and this preoccupation points to what must be delivered by the final grouping: sovereignty.

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