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The Power of a Society: CG6

Using Wealth

Any political solution means using power to apply society's wealth in a new way.

Society’s leaders-CG5 are the instruments of power, but they are at the mercy of the power-CG6 available to them, and limited in what they can do by society's wealth-CG6.

ClosedQ: Where is the power and wealth-CG6 of society to be found?

ClosedQ: How is power-CG6 manifested?

Social and political imperatives determine the political will to use the wealth of society.

Imperatives refer to widespread feelings in regard to choices and policies needed by the society and a readiness to spend money in their pursuit. There are two forms: political imperatives (CG61) and social imperatives (CG62).

The political will is unmistakable to politicians. It is what they attune to for their own survival. Because pressures from the people en masse cannot be resisted by politicians, they must be respected and channelled as constructively as possible.

ClosedDo governments ever «lack the political will»?

Potential Confusions

The power of a society-CG6 flowing from the state of mind of the public is not measured by the size of an army or police force. Nor is it a function of the particular leaders that happen to be in public favour.

ClosedIndividual Power (CG2)

ClosedGroup Power (CL1)

ClosedPublic Sentiment (CL5)

Power lies latent in a society, perhaps captured in the notion of its spirit and soul. Unless a nation’s spirit can be raised, nothing of great note can result.

Eruptions of Mass Power

Societal power may erupt suddenly (due to an event) or slowly as more and more people become aware of a particular matter that deeply affects them. By deeply, I refer to an emotional response that is as biological as it is psychological. So direct personal experience is relevant—either via seeing (e.g. on television), or suffering directly and in common (e.g. in an economic disaster), or knowing intimate details (e.g. via personal networks).

The will-CG6 is only a demand i.e. a potential for a solution. It must be concretised by policy work-CG4 and personalized and authorized by the leadership arrangements-CG5 if anything is to happen.

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