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Authorizing Political Solutions: CG5

What is Authority for Society About?

Formal authority is needed to commit the power and wealth of a society to shape itself and deal with other societies. This is where government comes in (see below). But, remember: our focus is politics.

Finding viable political solutions to complex problems is much harder than proposing policy-CG4. Change is hard because people differ on what they want from government for themselves &/or their group, and what they believe is needed to make a policy or choice work.

3 shapers of political solutions are leaders who determine what shall be authorized in government.

The function of authorization-CG5 is:

Diffusion of Authority

A range of suitable people must be somehow authorized as leaders. So each citizen faces a simple political choice: Closedeither become a political leader yourself, or find a way to support leaders of whose values and views you approve.

The beneficial aspects of diffusing leadership, with its uncertainty about government action (power), can upset those tempted by power and lusting for control. This temptation is irresistible for many politicians …Closed and so the executive branch of government strives to inflate its own importance, accumulate as much power as possible, and diminish and devalue other sources of leadership—including knowingly weakening the legislature and the judiciary.

The public can also be tempted by the fantasy of an omnipotent leader—if only others would let that glorious wonder-worker take full control.

Society has 3 authorization systems associated with government, each of which requires leadership by individuals who are themselves authorized. These leaders are typed via their mode of authorization:



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