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The Clash of Alternate Realities

Political Work Never Stops

Political players have to get people to see things their way, so they need to take every single opportunity to present and promote their views as the «actual reality».

Participation is a natural assumption at G1 because we exist as social beings. By contrast, participation is an optional expectation at G2 and only some, the political players among us, will properly respond.

To be a political player, members of powerful groups need:

Participation for political players is about the power to influence choices and events in society. However, sometimes to their surprise, they discover…Closed that they do not control much that happens in society, no matter how high they fly. As the framework unfolds, it should become clearer why that is.

Getting the Message Across

Communicating is central to exerting pressure-G2 and the political process. Politicians in each group are engaged in defining reality in a way that accords with their value systems and, unsurprisingly, is self-serving. So anyone entering the political arena needs to be exquisitely sensitive to:

Otherwise it is impossible to know what is meant by whatever is said.

Role of the Media

Society’s media—press, radio, television, Internet—play a central role in ensuring the dynamics and emotions of politics are heard, explained, checked and balanced by critiques, exchanges and counterpoising of evidence and arguments.

All individuals who are political players need to use the media to assess and respond to the flow of social events currently or potentially relevant to their group. A combination of these channels, instruments and the media create the socio-political realities with which everybody in society must deal.

Read more about the media’s contribution to each G2-instrument.

Personal Capability to do Political Work

Participating in a society’s political-communicative give-and-take is difficult work. Its effective performance depends on an ability to make sense of complex situations and to talk about them meaningfully.

Political work is therefore a special «kind» of work that must operate at a certain «level» to be effective.

Closed«Kind» of political work refers to use of the 6 CG2-Instruments: 

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