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Instruments of Political Pressure

Doing political work requires the use of 6 instruments that bring pressure to bear on others.

Explanatory Schema

Each instrument will be taken in turn and compared in terms of the key features relevant to «exerting pressure» in society without recourse to violence.

These features are:

Aim: Function of the activity in political work.

Political Necessity: Why the activity is needed by politicians.

Paradigm Role: The persona of political work.

Social Justification: The claimed rationale, whose validity is variable.

See the Picture: How the two component CG1 Levels are applied to generate pressure.

Examples: To illustrate what the instrument, and the account provided, refers to in everyday social life.

Deterioration: How destructive elements, inherent in the power-centred mentality usual amongst political players, can get out of hand.

Exerting Pressure

If you are a political player, then you need opportunities that give you an opening to get the results required by your agenda.

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