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Review of Family Politics

The complete picture of family choice including the political influences is shown here. The Channel labels developed previously have been imposed on the diagram without further analysis or clarification as to their suitability.

The total picture of the politics of family life showing distinctive Centres but with the same Channel names as in the ordinary politics within society.

Violence in the Family

Power issues as a source of violence in the family have long been recognized: it may help us if we see this as an issue of politics, no different in principle from the violence perpetrated knowingly within and by our societies.

When the object being controlled is an infant—unable to understand what is happening or alter its own behaviour, the result is abuse and neglect. In traditional societies, the person violently controlled is commonly a woman or adult daughter, who is responding to extra-family values of modernity. It is dangerous if she finds that her unique needs-CL7 run counter to cultural norms-CL2 that permit male domination-CL1.

Originally posted: July 2009; Last updated: 12 June 2014.

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