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Some Reflections on Global Politics

Note: Channel labelling has been simply copied from that used for political choices within a society. Alteration of these labels is surely necessary: that means further analysis, reflection and dialogue.

The full picture of Centres and Channels of influence in the Tree of Global Politics.

The Monomania of National Interests

The strength of National Interests (CL3N), as revealed by Channels in the Tree, seems to be running amok due to the lack of sobering influence provided by:

Insufficient Higher Influences

A common debate is whether morality should enter into global politics. This will be examined in more detail in the investigation of political activities and participation in societal change (as distinct from the present focus on making political choices).

Insofar as morality means something concrete, we see it unambiguously in the higher Levels:

Non-governmental charitable organizations and ordinary people, who naturally empathize with suffering, are the ones who primarily provide the conscience of global politics (CL6). These people are the same people who generate the domestic status quo (CL5N) that should be protected by national obligations (CL3G).

Given that incentives in a democratic society are oriented to popularity and re-election rather than anything else, domestic issues tend to be opportunities for Exploitation.

Example:Closed A trade tariff apparently benefiting one small section of the population is given a high media profile, while the damage for consumers generally, and automatic retaliatory reactions harming other economic sectors, are suppressed and denied.

Hypocrisy in regard to cultural needs and the spirit of society is more in evidence than Integrity. Perhaps that is why opinion polls currently show that most people do not respect their politicians.

Because of the orientation of current national governments to higher Centres, their choices to solve issues (CL4B) commonly reflect:

Originally posted: July 2009; Last updated: 12 June 2014.

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