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Review Determinants of Political Choices

The picture of how the people & the powerful interact to determine political choices within a society is now complete. The 10 Centres and 22 Channels reflect constant and universal features of politics and government.

This Tree framework deals with choices determined at any point in time. It contrasts with the evolution in maturity of political institutions over time. The features of both the Spiral Modes and Tree Levels are derived from the approaches to ethical choice.

Most people's preoccupations largely lie outside politics:Closed earning a living, raising a family, enjoying life, and getting on with others. All these activities are represented in CL7—and while this Centre is impacted by government choices (as famously noted by Pericles), it is disconnected from the Centres where the political action occurs. The resolution of this phenomenon is to be found in the next framework in this set.

Total picture of the determinants on political choice with all Centres and Channels of influence named.

Review the total picture as follows:

Then consider some practical applications:

In the next major section of this Politics inquiry, we use the Tree-Levels developed here to map participation in the political life of a society.

Originally posted: July 2009; Last updated: 12 June 2014.

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