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More on Natural Moral Institutions


The properties already described are listed and elaborated here:

L Types of Moral Institution Identity Realm [PH'4]
& Typical Concerns
Survival Need
Main Ethical Rule*
& Target
I" Formal etiquette Sensory:
dress, appearance, dining, speech.
Ceremonial respect Prescriptions
social behaviours
II" Popular morality Vital (Body):
sex. aggression, work, alcohol, drugs, money.
Conformity Conventions
social attitudes
III" Communal ideals Emotional:
any quality or aspect of a society that enables attachment.
Energy Tenets
social values
IV" Social structure Individual:
Claims, duties, powers, disabilities, privileges, immunities, liabilities.
Order Rights
social boundaries
V" Ethical teaching Relational:
handling personal and social relationships.
Virtue Maxims
social functioning
VI" Governance system Social:
maintaining peace, order, justice, freedom and the common good.
Stability Laws
social enforcement
VII" Organized religion Transpersonal:
mysteries of existence‚ÄĒespecially evil, suffering, God.
Meaning Absolutes
social existence

*Each institution uses all Types of Ethical Rule : see below.

Tables are modified from Ch.7 Working with Values: Software of the Mind (1995).
For a more detailed explanation, download Ch. 7 here.

Effects on Individuals

Individuality matters because these powerful and enduring institutions impact heavily on each member of society, often in an unforgiving way. Compliance demands, and the approach to individual differences, vary according to the institution.

Each Natural Moral Institution takes a distinctive view of individuals and their differences: at the lowest levels, individuals are regarded as virtually identical. However, as the hierarchy is ascended, the significance of individual differences is increasingly realized until at the very highest these differences are transcended.

ClosedSee the Table

ClosedCommon Criticisms

ClosedEthical Rules within the Institutions

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