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The Goal of Politics (CL4)

Government Solutions

Problems affecting the whole of society need solutions. Often civil society can provide the solution, but in most cases government is either indispensable due to the ramifications, or it takes over regardless. Governments intervene if they are widely expected to respond to discontent, and feel compelled to do so if stability is threatened.

Responses to problems ideally draw on Rationalist mode values which revolve around finding viable solutions. Government is an institution that should be impartial and impersonal—as befits its rationalist origin. However, our focus here is not on the goal of government, but on the goal of politics.

The goal of politics is getting government to choose or endorse a solution that your group wants—irrespective of its overall rationality or acceptability.

So governments do not always perform their proper role—because of «politics». Problems in government, due to politics understood in this way, are either due to:

ClosedMore on choices

In terms of rationalist values, choices for a society should ensure that:

The resultant choice, i.e. what precisely should be done, then needs formal sanctioning. However, all such considerations are outside the focus of this section. How things happen in society and how government introduces changes is examined in a later framework: Political Life. The focus here is limited to determinants of choice.

Although there are a variety influences on government solutions, the political  goal is to dominate.


Details of the mutual influences between Government Solutions (CL4) and Centres identified in lower Levels (CL1-CL3), are examined in the next Topic, Before examining these, the dynamic duality needs to be applied. So…

Q: Are solutions for social issues intrinsically private or social?


Government solutions, the particular choices made with a view to implementation, become the focus for all who seek to benefit themselves under the rubric of «concern for society», as well as for those genuinely striving to improve society.

This essence of government as a rational service to groups, and the goal of power politics, is located in the centre of the Tree diagram: CL4B.

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