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The Public v Private Dilemma (CL3)

Officials in the realm of politics find themselves experiencing two sharply distinct and polarizing pressures: 

So the dynamic duality generates 2 distinct Centres in Level-3 for those active in a society's politics.

The individuals in politics showing the opposition between the defined obligations and their private interests.

It is immediately obvious that the private interests (CL3P) and the defined obligations (CL3S) of Officials unavoidably interact and influence each other.

Q: Why does the diagram show the Private-CL3P Centre on the right i.e. as dominating Official obligations-CL3S


Any individual’s interests should dominate obligations because all individuals must be self-reliant. The discharge of social obligations by a person or organization, no matter how brilliant and beneficial for all, does not create any general indebtedness or responsibility on other parties. So if the individual gets into difficulties later, no rescue can be expected as of right.

Conclusion:  Fundamental conflicts of interest by officials are intrinsic to politics.

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