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Spontaneous Political Evolution

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Move from the Communalist mode back to Pluralism is possible, but now pluralism is about the new power of community interests.

The 7th Mode, the Communalist, is the final one in the sequence. It contains those values and principles that good people have always dreamt about. People caught on to this from the moment they discarded the delusion that ruling was a divine right and bought into democracy and an entitlement of each to certain basic human rights.

But it's not utopia. Communities and community-oriented politics will never be perfect, at least not until people are perfect. The aim of any community is not to be perfect but to manage well despite ubiquitous human imperfections.

Communities must strive to allow social life to be as beneficial as is possible for responsible human beings, who have distinctive individual natures and who wish to thrive in circumstances outside anyone's control.

Political developments following the Great Financial Disaster take all the powerful but rather impersonal principles that had previously been incorporated—rule of law, human rights, prosperity via enterprise, scientific inquiry—and add to these specifically humane forms of strength based around willingness.

The New Pluralism

All Stages are cumulative and so pluralism has never ceased being powerful and relevant. Its basic qualities remain unchanged. As a result, without any fuss, the society that has matured to this point finds itself moving spontaneously into a new form: Participative-Pluralism (or Pluralism-III).

Government is essentially geopolitical, that is to say, it lies in communities that are defined by people physically living together, within a defined territory having a particular geography. Personalized territorial communities are never the size of nations, but they are the backbone of any nation whatever its size. 

The form of pluralism that results is far down the ellipse towards the far end of the X-axis. It provides maximum benefit for others within a wide variety of social groups and communities.

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