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Political Transition #6

Recognition of Needs

Pressures for a transition from the Transcendentalist to the Communalist mode build up via the 'tragedy of individuality'.

The willingness for change pursued in terms of commonality («what we all want») in the conventionalist stage will be organized in terms of individuality («what I deeply believe») in the transcendentalist stage.

However, until this point, the political ethos has not been handled in terms of our initial assumption of what governing society should be about: «what each and all need».

The primary issue in relation to «need» is the extreme inequality amongst people. Inequality here means «inequality as individuals» i.e. individuality = inequality

The Tragedy of Individuality

When inequality is viewed as a manifestation of individuality, and each person is treated as valuable in their own distinctive way, a rich social life is fostered at the same time as personal identity is strengthened.

The transcendent mode fosters the valuation of uniqueness and rejects submergence of personal identity within an ideology, class or group. However, society will inevitably fail to appreciate or respond fully to certain of its members. The inherent difficulty in celebrating every manifestation of beneficial uniqueness might well be termed at that future time: «The Tragedy of Individuality».

The climate will be ready for communalist governing principles when the realization dawns that:

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