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Turbo-charging Cycle-2

A New Ingredient: Willingness

The realization that the people-as-a-whole are responsible for their political classes and their own socio-economic mess will dawn on some, and eventually on most.

If this prediction is correct, there is nothing so powerful as an idea whose time has come. However, to have any effect, that idea must be turbo-charged by a genuine willingness.

Cycle-1 was built on values and goals: of the elites and of the people and their groups. These remain important as the bedrock of politics. However, something new is now required. The massive change—openly accepting responsibility for the standard of political functioning in society—depends on inner willingness within each person.

Three More Transitions

To willingness, we must add conviction, because willingness has no backbone without an understanding that verges on a deep belief. Three forms of conviction support this new upside-down way of thinking, and allow a person to willingly carry political responsibilities. These accord with the final three Transitions/Modes in Cycle-2 as explained below.

ClosedInitial Transition…

The responsibility of each for being submerged in the popular mentality that allowed the crisis is willingly recognized and discussed widely. This can lead to a shared understanding and widespread acceptance by most in society that they have to work apart from politicians to ensure a functional government.

Here conviction is social — it comes from being and thinking like everyone else: a manifestation of the Conventionalist Mode.

ClosedNext Transition…

The responsibility of each strengthens further if many willingly look inward and see that, if truth be told, they were personally at fault for the crisis. People start to realize that each must determine for themselves what is right and good for society apart from the group's will and popular opinion.

Here conviction is personal — it comes from being authentic and self-affirming: a manifestation of the Transcendentalist Mode.

ClosedFinal Transition…

The responsibility of each strengthens in a practical way if it includes considering the needs of immediate neighbours and the local community.

Here conviction is practical — it comes from an awareness that looking after oneself naturally involves willingly considering others who interact with us: i.e. the long sought-after Communalist Mode.

Remember: All these transitions/modes depend on personal willingness.

Originally posted: July 2009; Last updated: 27 Mar 2014

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