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Turning Politics Upside Down Again

Change is Hard

Centrifugal influences revealed by plotting the 7 ethical choice approaches on the Typology Essences Table.

The last time politics was turned upside down (Stage-1 ► Stage-2), it marked the emergence of democracy, rule of law, and individual rights. This time, there should be a similar surprising, disruptive and difficult-to-imagine change.

Change in political institutions always requires turbo-charging. The coming changes are difficult to imagine because they are based on the outer circle of extreme modes as shown in the diagram.

Now the people are faced with the calamity of end-stage plutocratic pluralism

They realize—perhaps for the first time for many of them…Closed that the rapacity, mendacity, larceny and self-serving behaviour of the political-financial elites have inexorably and unavoidably led to the disaster that engulfs them.

Despite many good things for most people in the luckier countries (peace, raised standards of living, leisure time, new gadgets), past benefits count for little when disaster strikes. The scales fall from the eyes, but what is the remedy? I propose that sooner or later…

Forget Old Solutions

People will see that…

Summary of the crises that are associated with the first Cycle in the Spiral of Political Development

So there is only one solution.

The people must (and will) recognize that to this point: they have served the government and been controlled, misinformed and ultimately betrayed by that government. Is that the way of a people who see themselves as free? And who is responsible for this state of affairs? Why—it's the people themselves!!

The only way forward in political terms must be to overturn the power relationship and start requiring government to serve the people. That then makes the people unambiguously responsible for what happens to them.

The Big New Idea

The necessary big new idea is:
«the people are responsible for their government».

The only problem is the idea is almost unthinkable and heretical—both for the political-financial elites who have been getting away with metaphorical rape and pillage, and for the populace who have been infantilized, drip-fed money, and indoctrinated into acquiescence and dependency.

In any case, unless and until the populace are ready and willing to take responsibility for their governance, and translate that into social action, no substantial political maturation can come about. It never has in the past and it surely will not now.

While the future cannot be predicted, a general practical strategy for installing this idea will be offered in Topics to follow.

When change occurs, it should be (relatively) peaceful. If…Closed communist dictatorships in poor countries could fall at the end of the 20th century without a shot being fired, then peaceful political transitions should be able to occur in the West. 

We must now consider the three final political modes and imaginatively appreciate their nature and sequence.

Originally posted: July 2009; Last updated: 27 Mar 2014

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