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Entering the Future

How Taxonomic Prediction Works

The broad sweep of history of many societies over thousands of years has revealed some universal essences of political institutions and their maturation. It seems that societies develop in at least 4 (or 5) successive Stages.  

Because an understanding of those Stages emerged from the ethical choice approaches, Spiral transformation principles can continue to guide us in anticipating future Stages. These additional Stages and transitions take us into the unknown: many would say into the unknowable.

In proceeding, we will use the same analytic framework that worked well in historical Stages. Because we now have a fix on the way power and wealth are handled by political classes, and the ethical choice approaches are well-understood, it is possible to envisage both the likely characteristics of the corresponding Modes to come, and the strife or calamities that will provoke maturation.

Precise manifestations of the new modes will be affected by…Closed many factors including: •technological developments, •macro-political events, •personalities, •cultural tendencies and •chance events.

Errors in describing the future will occur, but…Closed this is part of normal intelligent inquiry. Do not expect perfection. We must understand the process and remove errors progressively as events unfold.

An Unpleasant Prediction

Our observations and analysis have not revealed to this point any political institution in society that is dedicated to ensuring a firm and credible commitment to the general good and communal needs (i.e. the enlightened goal of government).

Within a plutocratic pluralist ethos, we can confidently predict increases in the present gap between salaries and power of financial-&-political elites and the position of the middle and professional classes. There is no way to prevent that gap growing—all forces are aligned for it to widen.

I therefore feel forced to conclude that plutocratic pluralism can and must end in just one way: economic collapse or financial and monetary disaster…Closed generated wholly by the collusion, interaction and mutual encouragement of the various political-financial-regulatory governing elites.

Originally posted: July 2009; Last updated: 27 Mar 2014

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