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Political Transition #1

The Problem with Privileged Pluralism

Politics is controlled by just a few elite in-groups, and it is pragmatic at this point because there is no rule of law covering everyone equally.

Privileged elites rarely get arrested, except as part of political intrigue—when trumped up charges or secret executions are the norm. Nor do they suffer penalties for what would be called «crimes» for most members of society.

So there is a deep and often impassable gulf between the rulers and the ruled:

Pressures for Change

The revolutionary turmoild that pressures for a political transition from privileged elite pluralism to democracy in the legitimist mode.

Despite the intensely conservative effect of tradition and the all-too-human dislike of change, forces for change cannot be wholly avoided.

ClosedJust consider the effects of...

In addition, the political classes tend to become too oppressive, too corrupt, and attracted to long pointless wars and excessive taxation of the people.

At some point, the status hierarchy—which was historically developed and seemed wholly natural, justified or at least inevitable—starts to look like a cartel blocking the well-being of the majority in society.

People become resentful and start agitating for more of the social goods, and for better treatment. Some start thinking that life is not worth living, or they get openly angry. Many allow themselves to see that the disposition of power and wealth is unfair, self-perpetuating and unnecessary.

The result is revolutionary turmoil with severe social disruption and a degree of violence. Society only settles if something new emerges: institutions that allow everyone to participate equally in some sense.

Every era and every society will have its own distinct story of polemic and struggle, but read on for a ...

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