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Systems of Numbering

In this inquiry we must refer to:

Numbering of ethical approaches and political modes with further elaboration for the various frameworks in politics.

Making Ethical Choices (7 incompatible Types)

Political Modes (7 compatible contexts: 1 for each Type)

Political Stages (7 sequential positions: 1 for each Mode)

Political Ethos (7: the result of cumulating values of the Modes at each Stage)

Determinants of Political Choice (one 7-level hierarchy, based on the Stages/Modes)

Participation in Society (one 7-level structural hierarchy, integrating levels of determinants)

For THEE-formulae, as well as our convenience, entities in each of these sets need to be referred to with numbers. There is potential confusion due to an alteration in order as follows:

An approach to ethical choice specifies a method that a person may use.  There are 7, which are numbered according to THEE’s formal order. Each approach to ethical choice has a corresponding political mode , which is constituted by values that are social.

But investigation reveals that the ordering of the political modes follows a specific sequence that differs from the formal order of the approaches.

For ease of recognition in this particular Satellite only, we will use:

Roman numerals for the 7 Types of ethical choice.

Arabic numerals for political modes, political stages, political transitions, political ethos & Levels of political choice, and Groupings of political participation.

The political ethos evolves via a cumulative incorporation of Mode values. The ethos is named according to the newest Mode.

Note: Ethical choices of all sorts and political choices of all sorts and participation of all sorts are evident and required whatever the stage of political development.

Originally posted: July 2009; Last updated: 22-Mar-2014.

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