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Schema for Political Modes

ClosedRemember: Politics is about...

To analyse «political modes», we must identify those phenomena crucial to the government of any society and which engage directly with the core of politics: «managing the power and wealth of a society». 

I have identified three broad categories that seem to apply:

Commonality Fundamentals

ClosedSocio-political Institution

ClosedIntegrating Force

ClosedGovernance Requirement

Individuality Fundamentals

ClosedPersonal Benefit

ClosedSocial Interactions

ClosedProvision of Knowledge

Personal-Ethical Requirements

All members of a society (and indeed any group) must adapt to their social environment and work at participating effectively in its politics. This entails being oriented in a way deemed «good and right», which differs according to the particular mode.

ClosedCore Value

ClosedCivic Virtue

Originally posted: July 2009; Last updated: 27 Jan 2010

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