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The Spiral of Political Maturation

An Option: Look at the end result of this analysis as applied to Western societies, past and future. Then return here and discover in a stage-by-stage way how that story was developed.

Political life in a society can and does mature through discrete Stages of Development. The THEE-form of the maturational path is now known from other taxonomic studies. It is shown in this diagram.

Paradoxes of maturation: Transitions have different effects depending on how they move in regard to the X axis (Benefit for Others) and the Y Axis (Self-awareness).

To clarify details, we need to distinguish certain things:

The «political ethos» refers to those values and institutions intrinsic to political life that are widely viewed as «unchangeable» without a considerable, and usually undesired, effort. The ethos at any point is dominated by the current Mode of politics in the society while cumulatively incorporating values of previous Modes.

We must never lose sight of the two main forces affecting any political choice or governmental solution: «the people» and «the powerful». There lies the key to outcomes, irrespective of the particular stage of political development.

Societal maturation is a slow process, so you may wish to skip the rest of this section and jump ahead to


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