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Preliminary Modelling

The Story so Far

So far, we have clarified and formulated the following:

I can now consider how to the transform ethical choice so as to understand political maturation.

Setting up the Model

Ethics and politics are both about obligation. Ethics for persons can be converted into politics for societies by looking at the approaches to ethical choice in a new holistic way. This involves working out a specially designed Table of Typology Essences (TET) as explained in the next topic and those that follow.

Here is a summary of the move that the TET enables:

  Ethical Types Political Modes
Focus The Person The Society
Power Integrity-based Consensual &/or coercive
Delegation Not permitted Required
Quality Content - method Context - institution
Relations amongst Types/Modes Co-existence accepted
to manage antipathy.
Cumulative incorporation to enable maturation.

While ethical choice types, being methods, are prone to generating passionate arguments and conflicts between people, political modes, being values, are more general, inclusive and easily accepted (in principle).

Different methods cannot be combined for practical reasons, but different values can be. Simple inspection reveals the presence of relevant social values embedded within each of the ethical choice approaches.

The steps in understanding ethical choices holistically will be as follows:

The TET is a way to view all the Ethical Types simultaneously. It becomes a scaffold for appreciating how the Political Modes can be progressively cumulated.

What is to come, the story of political maturation, is about the progressive incorporation of each of the political modes into society via social institutions. Each political mode provides new values essential for that particular Stage in society's maturation. 

The inquiry task will involve clarifying how each political mode:

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