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Political Maturation is Discontinuous

From our formulations of politics, politicians, and ethical choice, the following propositions seem reasonable. See if you agree or disagree.

#1: Those ruling elites who have a grip on the wealth and power of society do not easily and voluntarily relinquish such privileges.

#2: Significant political maturation, as distinct from change of ruler or regime, therefore requires a mass initiative from the public.

#3: Progress in regard to a more reasonable and fairer control of social goods (wealth and power) requires people en masse to accept responsibility for their political condition.

#4: Responsibility for change involves the public both re-imagining and re-thinking what makes sense for society, and also mobilizing on its own behalf.

#5: Most sensible people have better things to do than sit around thinking about political philosophy or getting worked up to foment political change.

#6: Some widespread crisis or calamity, with loss of confidence in the political elites (ruling classes), is therefore required to galvanize people and ensure that new leaders introduce a better way to govern.

Originally posted: July 2009; Last updated: 24-Feb-2014

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