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The Time-before-Design

Willingness and Politics

Remember that politics is about: Closed obtaining access to the wealth and power of a society, and managing these authoritatively via governing institutions for the good of the people, both individually and as a society.

Entering political life requires individuals to possess a willingness to work for the good of the people. Let us take this requirement step by step:

The presence of self-aggrandizing lust immediately puts politics in jeopardy.  Politics then supports and enables the abuse of power for personal or group gain instead of the general good. The self-interested urge enters and shapes the machinery of government; and the end result is that genuine motivations «to work for the good of all» become squeezed out. Ultimately, concern for the people en masse is almost an afterthought to be fitted in if absolutely necessary.

The Design Issue

Governing institutions need to be specifically designed to take account of the human lust for:

In the Time-before-Design, the political-governing role implicitly selected for those with a lust for power and a readiness to do anything, anything at all, to gain power. Until rather recently in human evolution, societies were run by a «strong man», the King or Chief or General or Tyrant or Dictator, who inherited power, or took it by force, or was begged to take charge to deal with chaos or fears.

A few powerful organized groups then surrounded this Supreme Leader: his generals & soldiers, the priesthood, and usually aristocrats (e.g. barons). Together, they ruled and governed society. Once political power was gained, it was used to accumulate:

That is how politics started, and how it has in general continued. But that does not deny the continuing existence of a realistic yet enlightened goal for politics.

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