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«Politics» is generally recognized as occurring in many, probably all, social groups regardless of size. However, politics becomes especially prominent when groups are large and command significant resources.

Recent research proposes Closed that governance is necessary as an evolved «primal need» associated with groups generally. As such, it is handled via politics as the evolved «primal means». This proposition is strengthened by being placed in the context of propositions about other «primal needs» and psychosocial means for meeting them. See Architecture Room.

The picture is clearest and the issues most urgent in regard to a society and its government. So that is the focus in this Satellite. Understanding politics within society will provide a basis for grasping politics globally, within firms, and in other social bodies.

The main frameworks to be developed in this Satellite are

With society and its government as our focus, the desired frameworks must unambiguously represent what can and should be found in the world around us.  However, before developing any framework, it is necessary to be clear about the essential nature of:

The Essentials

The first section of this Satellite establishes certain fundamentals and is organized as follows:

1. Propositions clarifying the necessity for government.

2. Propositions explaining why government entails politics.

3. Regimes and ideologies are dependent on politics, i.e. not primary, and hence not a focus in this inquiry. They are located elsewhere in the Taxonomy.

4. The nature of ethics as revealed in the THEE framework of purpose-PH6.

5. The link of ethics to politics: what it shares and how it differs.

5. The possibility of political evolution towards an enlightened goal, and the nature of such maturation.

6. The framework used for modelling stages in political maturation. All the remaining frameworks are derived from this initial framework.

Summary of Key Proposition

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