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The framework of Politics emerges from the approaches to making an ethical choice.

Every element in human endeavour somehow exists unmanifested within the Root Cell (named Will), and must manifest via conceptually sequential processes (as explained in the Hub). That principle applies to Politics.

Here is a diagram of the postulated development within THEE to reach our starting point for investigating Politics:

Path from Root Cell (Will) to the part of the Taxonomy dealing with Politics.


Origin: Root CellWill. See more.

Emanate:  Root Hierarchy (RH)—Framework of Endeavour. See more.

Select: Level-6 (RH-L6)—Purpose. See more.

Emanate: PH6: Primary HierarchyFramework of Purpose. See Ch.3-5.

Select: Level-6 (PH6-L6)—Value System. See Ch.4-5.

Nest:  PH'6: Principal Typology—Emergence of Core Obligations in Ethical Choice. See Ch.6.

SystematizeApproaches to Ethical Choice. See details in this inquiry.

Originally posted: July 2009; Last updated: 23-Feb-2014

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