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Structure of the Inquiry

Prior Taxonomic Thinking

Politics seemed to be a prime candidate for a Spiral of Growth analysis, because:

This inquiry into politics requires a basic understanding of the ethical choice approaches: and these are explained briefly on this site. Those who want more detail can download Ch 6: Making an Ethical Choice (free)  from «Working with Values: Software of the Mind» (1995).

Get an initial orientation to the ethics-politics nexus.

ClosedReminder of Inquiry Principles

Except as background, I am uninterested in the many uses of the word «politics». Nor did do I start by defining the concept of «politics».

Instead, I want to describe something in social life that we all know exists for a good reason i.e. its purpose; & then become comfortable that «politics» is a good formal name for it.

Once I have a formal-name, I can examine the phenomenon in social life to which it refers. Then all of us can refer to that phenomenon easily by name as we work out its properties, and relationships to other social and psychological phenomena. (I could also then offer a definition.)

Any confusion means insufficient discrimination.

Order of Frameworks

The sections present a flow of argument and exposition in the Satellite. Click each section for some highlights that indicate the contents.

ClosedSection 1: Necessary axioms and principles. Go.

ClosedSection 2: The maturation of political institutions. Go.

ClosedSection 3: Determinants of political/societal choice. Go.

ClosedSection 4: Participating in political life. Go.

ClosedSection 5: Change and participation in society. Go.

ClosedSection 6: Natural communities and political territories. Go.

Closed2014: Recent Developments

Research recently conducted in the Architecture Room in regard to Principal Typologies sheds light on this taxonomic inquiry. I conjecture that the Taxonomy is a product of evolution to meet certain Primal Needs.

By some coincidence or spontaneous awareness, I had referred here to «government as a primal need». Focusing on a complex society (or nation) where politics is mostly considered enabled an understanding. I could then demonstrate how the findings are applicable to other bodies and social groups e.g. in political choice and political participation.

However, in the research, it made more sense to use the more general term «governance» for the Primal Need because it applies to groups of every sort. Politics is then revealed as the Primal Means to ensure governance.

From this perspective, some of these frameworks might be re-labeled. For example, the spiral of political maturation is more precisely a spiral of societal maturation. However, given that the maturity of a society is dependent on its politics, there appears no pressing reason to alter the name.

Originally posted: July 2009; Last updated: 25-Feb-2014

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