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Creativity within Organizations

This page adds to a longer earlier account.

Looking at the Channels in the context of organizational life suggests that being creative is certainly possible. However, there are 4 Channels that present issues, all in the upper half.

Your commitment's influence on courage-RG7, on grasping the unknown-RG6 and on applying new insights-RG5, are all liable to be weakened. Organizations may attempt to operate with the RG6-RG5 rectangle (Integration—Breakthrough—Evolution—Incorporation) and exclude the RG7 and RG4 Centres. Unfortunately, such weakening may severely impede creativity.

Risks & Boldness

To improve creativity, it is necessary to distinguish between business risks that are foolish and usually unnecessary e.g. entering a market without investigating it properly, antagonizing a competitor, falsifying accounts; and creative risks that lead to immersion e.g. generating a new market, using the competitor's viewpoint to devise a worthwhile alliance, finding radical cost efficiencies.

You must similarly distinguish between boldness that is bravado and pragmatic, from boldness that is intrinsic to testing new awareness, possible discoveries and imaginative inventions.

Adventure & Experiential Entanglement

These are the Channels that lead employees to persist even if management wants them to discontinue their project.

Originally posted: 30-Mar-2012

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