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Creativity is an Adventure

Although we are each creative by nature, how creative we are remains ultimately a personal choice. This is revealed in the final Channel linking Being Courageous-RG7B and Committing Your Self-RG4B.

Your commitment to embarking on activities that demand courage binds you to the challenge. Your courage here does more than rise to the challenge: it activates commitment that anchors and quasi-irrevocably binds you to the unpredictable voyage intrinsic to creativity.

An ordinary project is a venture, with a standard range of risks. A creative project is an adventure, with added risks that are unusual and exciting.

This Channel is named: Embrace the Adventure.

No Other Channels

From RG6: Immersion Centres do not directly influence enthusiasm-RG3 or lower Centres. The higher Centres seem to be too specific to realities and the project, while the lower Centres are solely about activating and increasing energies. There can be indirect effects via perseverance-RG5 or commitment-RG4.

From RG5: Perseverance Centres do not directly affect conviction-RG2 without activation of the personal energies of commitment-RG4 or enthusiasm-RG3. Even dedication, which seems like perseverance, can be turned on or off. Perseverance might seem to relate to using willpower but, again, intervening Centres must provide the rationale.

From RG4: Commitment cannot link directly to using willpower-RG1 without a specific focus. That focus can be provided by conviction-RG2 or enthusiasm-RG3.

Originally posted:  9-Mar-2012

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