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Enmeshment of Two Realities

In being creative, you draw on your own psychosocial reality (your willingness, purposes, experiences &c.) in order to bring about a change in the shared empirical reality. There is a necessary interpenetration of these two realities that results in a personal experience of entanglement.

Re-visit the two realities.

As you bring something new into existence, empirical reality re-shapes in response i.e. reality as perceived by others, and as persists after your withdrawal or loss of interest, alters. Your own psychosocial reality also changes markedly during the creative process through an assimilation of a portion of empirical reality. That shared reality (existing apart from you) influences what you do and how you think more than usual. It soon comes to embody your goals and expectations. It affects how you feel and relate to yourself. It eats your life. This is neither good nor bad: it just requires handling.

Entanglement is essential and unavoidable, and it is handled by interactions that bypass a Level. There are five possible interactions, but RG7 RG5 is not appropriate: so in practice there are four. They deal with: 

ClosedAnalyse Going Up or Down

ClosedWhy is RG7 RG5 missing?

Four Aspects of Entanglement

Subjective Entanglement: RG6 RG4

When immersion-RG6 interacts with commitment-RG4, you become entangled with your project psychologically and practically. The process is virtually automatic: you are unlikely to allow immersion without full commitment; and you cannot properly commit without accepting the requirement to be immersed. This entanglement is demanded of you. You are its captive, possibly captivated. This captivation is independent of perseverance-RG5 and is supportive of efforts in principle, if sometimes distorting and confusing in practice. Once entangled you may never escape: even after the project completes.

Grasp the Unknown-RG6N Commit Your Self-RG4B

The interplay of commitment and grasping the unknown is evident in changes in your usual thinking and behaviour. You may become absent-minded or ignore obligations. You could feel pressured and emotionally disrupted. You will unavoidably use self-defining paradigms and values and may then find they do not work. Seeing a need for new perspectives, you may start to doubt your previous beliefs. Considering a puzzling issue from a new perspective requires that it become yours to be effectively used. You may start dreaming about the project and associating it with irrelevant everyday events. In any case, the demands of the unknown are irresistible: you find yourself caught up in a myriad of ways and obliged to follow clues and insights wherever they lead you.

This Channel is named: Experiential Entanglement.

Harvest the Past-RG6T Commit Your Self-RG4B

In regard to the past, commitment forces you to engage with value systems, historical events, political realities, places, even specific people. Possibly you do not wish to investigate or be involved with some aspects. However, your grasp of the past and present is used by others in making judgements. In addition, to alter any social dimension requires you to become part of the relevant social situation, like it or not. Your personal views are irrelevant in this effort: the challenge simply demands it of you. Although many aspects of the past—your society or discipline or organization—are probably embedded within you, getting into the necessary details can be practically difficult or simply exhausting.

This Channel is named: Social Entanglement.

Reinforcement of Entanglement:  RG5 RG3

Entanglement is not always comfortable, from both subjective and objective viewpoints. It can be so overwhelming and exhausting that your commitment-RG4 may even wilt. It is therefore reinforcing if perseverance-RG5 can bypass that Level and directly activate the energies of enthusiasm-RG3. There are four possible direct Channels here, but two are not appropriate.

ClosedImportant Channels

Apply the New Insight-RG5N Win over Self & Others-RG3T

Any evidence of your creative insights being put to practical application is naturally persuasive. Such success provides encouragement for you as well as for others. At the same time, supporters (at least yourself) should be encouraging you to apply your new insights, even if they are controversial.

This Channel is named: Provide Encouragement.

Manage the Project-RG5T Highlight Development-RG3N

By managing the project well, you are on top of plans and costs, and have relevant information about processes and outcomes. So it becomes easy to select and highlight something that will excite people or be a cause for celebration. Looked at the other way: there are many things that clamour for management time, and developments that become a focus of attention for any reason demand your attention. Otherwise there is the potential for embarrassment e.g. a failure to capitalize on the event or to bring it under control.

This Channel is named: Use Selectivity.

ClosedInappropriate Channels.

Objective Entanglement:  RG4B RG2B

The heart of entanglement is your commitment, while the parameters of the entanglement are set by your convictions. Together they determine what you allow.

When commitment-RG4 and conviction-RG2 interact, the result is an entanglement with observable parameters. The project is dynamic and its parameters may need adjusting. If the phenomena relevant to conviction are not continually monitored and objectively considered, then commitment is liable to become wishy-washy or overwhelming and out of control. Dedication and involvement must be specific and make both rational and emotional sense, not just create a feel-good effect. Conceptions and ownership require specifications whose ramifying practical implications should be acceptable. Conclusions and oversight must produce a dispassionate account whose value is relevant for you. All these things affect the scope of your commitment—its nature, extent and limits—independently of the vagaries of enthusiasm and developments in the intervening Level.

This Channel is named: Monitor Scope.

Choice of Entanglement: RG3 RG1

Entanglement is partly based on the intensity of your commitment-RG4 and courage-RG7. As a result, it can be far easier to take on a challenge than to abandon it: even if sometimes you should for your own good or the good of others. However, choice of entanglement, and therefore the choice to disentangle, occurs a long way away from these emotional dominating Centres. It occurs here, at the lowest point of the Tree.

Willpower with its associated autonomy stands apart from commitment. It allows an aware perspective based on your sense of self and growth aspirations. This helps you keep your identity distinct, in principle, from any specific creative project.

Win over Self & Others-RG3T Use Willpower-RG1B

Winning over your self is a key factor in accepting entanglement. This is not just a matter of your autonomy, because anyone can be swept up by enthusiastic energies that are typically poorly understood and almost impossible to control. You have to use your willpower to maintain your identity and balance given the potential consequences of giving in to enthusiasm.

Being a devil's advocate can be life-saving. You either support your enthusiastic state or undermine it: by applying your own values (RG16), by making your own inquiries (RG12), by heeding your intuitions (RG14), by providing your own account (RG15), and so on. The end result may be to reassure, condone, prod, promote or defend your enthusiasm. Alternatively, you may impede, frustrate, warn, dampen, dissuade, inject doubt or otherwise undermine it.

This Channel is named: Play Advocate.

Highlight Development-RG3N Use Willpower-RG1B

You must also look at all developments in a critical way if you are to retain any control over your entanglement in the creative project. The highlighted development may not be all it appears on the surface. Furthermore it may have implications that generate doubts of various sorts: ethical, commercial or scientific. The application of standards to specific events to justify entanglement (or disentanglement) is a matter of willpower. Again, this means the deliberate and independent use of all components: from willingness-RG17 down to action-RG11.

This Channel is named: Develop Critiques.

ClosedDisentanglement Can Be Hard

The most difficult thing in the world seems to be to disentangle from a creative situation—a relationship, a job, a cause, a commitment—that has reached the end of its life or has gone irremediably wrong. This framework reveals that the issue is primarily a matter of autonomy, of using willpower as an independent-minded person. You must bypass previous conviction and recognize the need to refocus your enthusiasm.

Originally posted:  9-Mar-2012

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