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Discovering the Map

Context and Content of Creativity

Creativity involves bringing creative energies to bear on certain current realities. This shows up in a Tree framework as an internal duality based on context and content.

The energies are personal and may involve others, while the realities are shared (i.e. inter-personal or social).

The context for creativity lies in current realities and these are relevant in the upper Groupings as follows:

G7: Your challenge focuses current realities

G6: Your immersion masters your current realities.

G5: Your perseverance engages your current realities.

The content for creativity lies in creative energies that you bring to bear, and these are relevant in the lower Groupings as follows:

G1: Your willpower engages your creative energies

G2: Your conviction masters your creative energies

G3: Your enthusiasm focuses your creative energies

G4: Your commitment endorses your creative energies
It also acts as a personal mediator between realities and energies.

If you wish, review the holistic flow up and down the hierarchy before proceeding to develop the Tree framework.

Order for Proceeding

There is a variety of ways to discover the features of a Tree framework. The method I chose in this case involves considering the whole framework in progressive steps.

Dynamic Duality: The first step is to identify the intrinsic and unavoidable tension that provides a dynamic to the components of creativity. (These are the components identified in the previous section as the Root Structural Hierarchy.) This tension is between what exists and what is to exist: the past-present and the present-future, the tried-and-true and the new-and-different.

Polarization: Then it is necessary to see how this tension affects the various Levels listed above. As these were formerly Groupings, they are identified here with G rather than L. Once the duality is applied to a Grouping/Level, one or two Centres for choice are formed.

Emergence: Because the tension polarizes certain Levels, these new opposing Centres must be reconciled in a way that allows for the new to emerge from the old as the future emerges from the present.

Sustenance: The creative process must then be sustained by flows of influence between Centres in adjacent Levels.

Entanglement: However, the creative process requires more than this. It requires that you become entangled in it. By entangled, I mean that you find it becomes part of your world and you become part of its world. That entanglement is under your control, but only with difficulty. The creative project has its own demands to which you must submit: or abandon the effort. This is the most difficult aspect of being creative.

Adventure: Finally, recognize and embrace the adventure.

Review & Applications: The overall picture is summarized and presented in diagrams. An application focused on commitment in a relationship is offered; and some other applications are briefly noted.

Originally posted:9-Mar-2012

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