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Being Creative

Map the Dynamics of Creativity

The next step in this inquiry is to understand how we naturally use the various creativity components in practice. It is possible to develop a map of what happens when you are creative.

ClosedBut who needs a map?

Your creativity operates naturally without any need for any map as a guide. The value of such a map is closer to that of a trusted advisor. It gives you a chance to step back from your entanglement in a project and develop an overall perspective on your creative effort to date. You may note and reflect on omissions or excesses. This can help you adjust or realign your thinking and activities.

Grasp the Fundamentals

Creativity is about bringing into existence something of value that is new (or different or original). It is about doing or making. Very basic: so each of us is creative to a greater or lesser extent in this way.
Remember:Closed Creativity is not simply about getting a bright idea: ideas are easy. And creativity is certainly not restricted to art or, in business, to advertising!

Creation can also be a passion pursued for its own sake. This passion is not natural to everyone, and it is considered elsewhere.

I will take the components of creativity, as just identified, for granted. So it will help if you have some familiarity with that framework. This, in turn, assumes a basic familiarity with the framework of personal endeavour.

Identify The Tension

ClosedTHEE Technical Note:

Dynamics are introduced by identifying a dilemma or tension (the dynamic duality) that is invariably present when being creative. This dilemma applies at each of the hierarchical Levels in a distinctive way. Once that is clarified and Centres within Levels are defined, we can investigate the various interactions and influences.

Originally posted: 9-Mar-2012

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