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Teams, Creativity & Support

Teams & Leaders

In organizations, teamwork is required for achievements of any significance. The most powerful team is the one led by the line-manager. Each team member must perform a function such that, together, all the work of the section, department or division is covered.

Most middle-ranking and senior employees are on several teams: they lead in at least one, follow in some, and are one among equals in others.

Where the team is near the front-line, there is a lot of personal interaction which facilitates mutual understanding and creative cooperation irrespective of position. Where team members are senior and control a large division, the daily rubbing of shoulders in relation to tasks does not occur, and so the personal situation is trickier.

The person accountable for a senior team's end-result, the CEO or a General Manager, has to lead chiefs who are leaders in their own right and with their own complex concerns. If you think that efforts to activate creativity might produce the best result, you would surely be right. But there are commonly obstacles in the way that senior managers attempt to engender enthusiasm and gain support (RG3).

Teams & Creativity

Teams appear to be most relevant in the odd-levels of the Framework, where the output orientation is outward (and the creativity orientation is inner-mental). Taking these from the top:

By contrast:

Teams & Support

I will review the relation of enthusiasm and support to handling any challenge.
Closed Keep the framework in mind by reference to the diagram and this matrix:►

Organizations are usually focused on results: i.e. the actualization zone (RL1-RL3). And engagement is the Group (RG31) that snuggly fits this zone. Its natural social form is, conveniently, a «team of working colleagues». But are they a team? Only in name, if enthusiasm and morale are lacking.

There is no reason why a team should not be at different times:

Using Willpower and Gaining Supportrepresented by the Triads in the Structural Hierarchy of Creativity in Work.

However, such coverage of all the Generators of Support depends on focusing enthusiasm. So take each Generator of Support in turn:

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