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Effects on Creative Energies

Culture Counts

Creative energies are released and ordered by Willpower-RG1, Involvement-RG2, Enthusiasm-RG3, & Committing Your Self-RG4, as shown in the Root Structural Hierarchy. These energies can and should be activated and handled, within employment, in more or less the same way as in relation to a personally owned challenge.

Organizations can be designed to maximize creativity. Most large organizations are not, because the management culture acts as an inhibitor. Investigation of Stages in the strengthening of a management culture suggests that organizations must reach the Imaginist Stage-6 before creativity can be properly recognized and valued. As there are only 7 Stages, reaching Stage-6 demands strong leadership over a prolonged period.

In examining the way that challenges are altered within organizations, it was proposed that necessity in the context of obligations contributes to recognizing the challenge. Even so, necessity is the mother of invention, and fulfilling obligations requires as much, perhaps more, willpower-G1.

Using Willpower (RG1)

Components of the use of willpower are usually handled rather differently within organizations because management's focus is heavily skewed to the actualization zone (RG1-RG3) within endeavour.

Targets for change-RG13, focused inquiry-RG12, and taking action-RG13 are all vital for achievement, and these THEE-names remain appropriate. Their optimal operation in the face of stress depends, however, on creative components at higher LevelsRG4-RG7. The names of these higher components require alteration, as explained below and shown in the diagram, to suit the realities of organizational life.

ClosedBe Willing-RG17

ClosedSet Purposes & Uphold Values-RG16

ClosedIntensify/Handle Communications-RG15

ClosedUse Inner Experiences-RG14

Other Creative Processes (RG2-RG4)

ClosedDeepening Conviction-RG2

ClosedFocusing Enthusiasm-RG3

ClosedChanneling Commitment-G4

Originally posted:17-Feb-2012

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