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Challenges: Free Choice v Authorization

Activation of Creativity

The controllers of creative outputs are the same whenever and wherever they appear:

  ► Courage–Challenge
► Immersion–Breakthrough
► Perseverance–Vantage

Energies in creativity are also similar whenever and wherever they are activated.

  ► Willpower–Autonomy
► Conviction–Confidence
► Enthusiasm–Support
► Commitment–Capability

There are two sharply distinct contexts for the activation of creativity.

In both contexts, the challenge may be identified by you or suggested by someone else. In both cases, you must accept the challenge to activate creativity. The big difference is:

Implications of Group Control

An exceptional employee (like you) may well be ready to «own the challenge». You become the champion for the challenging project, which may be primarily technical or more service-oriented or social. However, no matter how committed and capable you may be, there is no possibility to proceed for too long against management policy or management rulings in regard to «your project».

Succeeding through breaking stupid rules or offending political sensitivities, will lead to grudging gratitude at best, and possibly even condemnation. So extreme perseverance-RG5 in the face of obstacles and failure becomes almost impossible.

Even more disheartening, the challenging project may be shut down for political reasons, or as part of a cost-cutting exercise—often just as you have made a break-through or are near its completion.

ClosedIt's not always like that, because…

Bottom Line: Any person pursuing their own goals single-mindedly is unavoidably disruptive within a group. Any management that does not put the good of the whole above the interests of one person is not doing its job.

With this perspective, the scene is now set to apply this creativity framework to work challenges within organizations.

Originally posted: 17-Feb-2012

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