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Blocks to Creativity

There are No Blocks!

There are only ups and downs. It is possible that you find yourself unable to proceed and unable or unwilling to retreat, but that is so normal that it barely deserves the label of «a block».

If you set yourself a genuine challenge and decide to see it through, creativity will come. If you don't see it through, then adjust your challenge.

If you don't want to address challenges,Closed then that is your right, but you will not be making the most of your life.

When you face a so-called block, you will discover that you have numerous options for proceeding.
ClosedConsider these:

Personal Self-confidence.

Creativity is a form of self-assertion. Many features of creativity like perseverance, resilience in the face of failure, responding positively to confrontations, determination and dedication, demand a base level of self-confidence.

If you have suffered greatly, it can be extremely hard to function creatively. Too much energy goes into just trying to feel good. You have to keep past traumas locked away so as to feel safe in a seemingly dangerous and hostile world.  As a result of low self-esteem and feelings of inferiority, efforts to please others and win approval take priority. Self-protection often reins in the imagination and lowers the tolerance for paradox and ambiguity. Thinking becomes compartmentalized and over-rational.

Some Commonly Identified Blocks

Each of the Root Levels used to construct the framework for creativity has an extensive and complicated internal structure. Problems may occur anywhere within those structures, and it is impossible to list them all here. Some items commonly mentioned in current Internet articles and blogs are briefly discussed below.

ClosedLack of Trust

Trust is the highest Level within Willingness (RL7/PH7). Given that being fully willing-RG17 is intrinsic to creativity, the highest and most transcendental Level, trust is essential for a smooth creative effort.

However, there are many other aspects of Willingness that fail to get a mention when they should, e.g. fighting-PH7L5. Self-assertion, intrinsic to creating, requires a degree of aggression. If you are not prepared to fight for your project, then it is unlikely to reach fruition.

ClosedLack of Openness

Openness is the highest Level within Communication (RL5/PH5). Given that intense communication-RG15 is intrinsic to creativity and controls many components, openness-PH5L7 is essential.

However, there are many other aspects of Communication that fail to get a mention when they should e.g. terminology-PH5L5 and meaning-PH5L6. If no-one understands what you are talking about, then success is unlikely.

ClosedToo much Conflict

Conflict around ideological positions or doctrinal perspectives is usually irreconcilable. Although doctrinal conflict or uncivil conflict can be a block, conflict itself is good for at least two reasons.

ClosedWrong Beliefs

You have beliefs whether you like it or not, and they can and do affect your creativity. It can be hard to address beliefs. The main thing is to develop some perspective, and be ready to change beliefs to overcome obstacles or accelerate change.

Move now beyond blocks to failure in creativity.

Originally posted: 17-Feb-2012

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