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Positivity is a Must

The creative process is based on using your willpower, which is where or how creative energies are released. Your willpower is activated through responding to a genuine challenge with courage. See diagram and review here.

The combination of all 7 Levels of using willpower (Heptad) requires addition of the 7th Level, being fully willing. Taking on the challenge demands a willingness that is wholehearted. This enables a state of positivity-RG71 to imbue all efforts.

On that basis, the components of positivity in regard to being creative are:

  Be wholeheartedly fully willing.
Always be deliberately purposeful.
Adaptively intensify communications.
Reflectively intensify experiences.
Shrewdly target change.
Sensibly focus inquiries.
Take meaningful action.

You should be able to know whether or not you, yourself, are positive. Without positivity, there is no way that you will handle the challenge.

Negativity can always creep in and start distorting what you perceive and do. So, you cannot take your own positivity for granted. It requires watching (RL4) and talking to yourself frankly in the light of realities (RL5), as well as heeding the other features.

Positivity is not a feeling and it does not mean that your mood or attitudes cannot fluctuate or that intense emotions will not erupt. They will. The issue in being comfortable that you are positive and courageous in handling your challenge comes from whether the various components of positivity are being handled as they should. The graphic of positivity and this Framework as a whole should give you a good guide.

When combined with denial, over-optimistic positivity is perhaps the commonest cause of failure in business start-ups. So the most difficult part of positivity seems to be openly recognizing incipient failure and emerging obstacles. Disappointments are part of the challenge package, and failure needs to be confronted. Immersion and then perseverance are designed precisely for such situations.

Originally posted: 31-Jan-2012

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