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Muster Perseverance: RsH-G5

Regimens of Vantage

The challenge never responds to your efforts in an easy direct way: if it does then it was never a challenge (for you at least). So the overarching perspective that must be brought to bear in relation to everything considered to this point is the need for perseverance.

The function of mustering perseverance is to maximize the likelihood that you will eventually overcome difficulties, both within yourself and in external events. The importance of tenacity and hanging in there for dear life i.e. perseverance, is hardly new:
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The present framework proposes that perseverance manifests as three distinct regimens. These regimens are:

The regimens require considerable self-discipline because they may have minimal external support while making continuing demands on you. Instead of guarantees of success, you simply gain vantage i.e. you will be positioned in a way that affords you superiority and advantage as events evolve. Neglect these openings and you lose that potential.

The Structure of Perseverance

Perseverance emerges with a painful awareness of your limitations. The challenge demands so much of you. It is impossible to concentrate on all of it simultaneously. You cannot fight the system, and you must respect the reality of your failures and recognize inexorable social forces. So perseverance requires you to be selective in a way that is adaptive to the evolving situation. This is the quality that is provided by adding a 5th adjacent Level in using willpower.

In general, weakness of any willpower component will result in a lack of determination, an unsatisfactory justification, or poor motivation. More subtle difficulties arise from the failure to handle the component appropriately.

Where the three regimens overlap, there are stringent demands on you:

When you intensify communication,

When you intensify experiences,

When you target change,

With perseverance-RG5 and its triple whammy of determination, justification and motivation, it might seem that the maximum that you can expect of yourself has been reached.

However, perseverance alone is not enough. Especially when you come to a major block. Unless you get a breakthrough, you will be stuck. The project will fail and the challenge will not be met. Such breakthroughs are often viewed, unhelpfully, as the essence of creativity.

Originally posted: 31-Jan-2012

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