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Focus Enthusiasm: RsH-G3

Powering Virtuous Circles

You need support if you are to creatively meet a genuine challenge. However, the most important support is the support you provide for yourself. And that comes from enthusiasm. The origin of the term derives from the notion of being «inspired or possessed by a god».

Enthusiasm arises naturally: it energizes you and others to pursue activities. However, enthusiasm tends to diffuse over the whole challenge and needs to be focused for optimum effect. When you focus enthusiasm you feel an inner support for particular relevant activities, even if you ordinarily would find them boring or unpleasant. Although enthusiasm may seem weak, in that it can rather easily wax and wane, it is contagious and lends itself to relatively easy activation.

Using Willpower and Gaining Supportrepresented by the Triads in the Structural Hierarchy of Creativity in Work.

The function of this Grouping is to energize yourself and others to pursue activities relevant to meeting your challenge. You and others must feel that your particular way of addressing your challenge is worthwhile. Enthusiasm leads you to work hard in your chosen way. When others are enthusiastic and provide inputs, they confirm the value of what you are doing. There should be a virtuous circle: the more you support them, the more they support you.

However, you cannot just spray enthusiasm around. If you do it will have little effect. You cannot even blindly follow your own enthusiasms. If you do, you will end up being activated to little point and engaged in something that sooner rather than later becomes boring or irrelevant to your goals.

The quality that is called for here is shrewdness. You must somehow ensure that whatever you do fits in a viable way with your own experiences, relevant individuals, the situation or activities that forward the creative effort. That takes a mix of insight, understanding, ability to predict, and nous.

Addition of a 3rd adjacent Level of using willpower (g3) contributes this shrewd quality, and reveals 5 Generators of Support (TriadsRsHG3) as follows:

Enthusiasm's Methods and Rationales

Focused enthusiasm-G3 bolsters the energies already released by using willpower-G1 and provides the push for social activities. You cannot proceed effectively without it. Others who are under no obligation to be concerned with your personal challenge need to feel your enthusiasm in order to respond. Who you choose to involve, and how, is up to you.

The demand on you: Closed Get aroused (and arouse others) generally in relation to the project.

Your desired benefit: Closed Recognition of the value of the project, and its feasibility.

Naturally, you will be more activated if others are activated.

The demand on you: Closed Show that you value your own (and another's) significance for meeting the challenge.

Your desired benefit: Closed Reciprocal recognition of a person's value in pursuing the project.

Such appreciation, especially if mutual, sustains self-esteem and well-being.

The demand on you: Closed Recall and highlight special details of your experiences in progressing the project. This can happen in your own mind or in conversations.

Your desired benefit: Closed Emotional encouragement and useful ideas that nourish your creative efforts.

Sharing can be just one-way (e.g. with an advisor) but it often feels better when it is mutual, especially if it is a friend or colleague.

The demand on you: Closed Excite curiosity in yourself (and others) in specific aspects of the project based on pre-existing relevant interests and ambitions.

Your desired benefit: Closed Useful tangible assistance—providing funds, making an introduction, offering facilities—anything short of doing work or giving much time.

Your interest in another's interests leads to their interest in your interests.

The demand on you: Closed Provide inducements that lead you (and others) to work productively and responsibly.

Your desired benefit: Closed A mindset that leads to someone performing a useful function in your project i.e. initiating and completing tasks.

When another is engaged in your project, you must engage with them and their efforts and outcomes, which further supports their engagement.

Originally posted: 31-Jan-2012

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