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Deepen Conviction: RsH-G2

Be Sensible

As a result of using your willpower-RG1 meaningfully you will surely have thrown up possibilities for handling the challenge. But there is a long road from these possibilities to your desired triumph.

Believing in what you are doing is important, so you need to shape and focus your efforts in a sensible way that builds credibility.

The emerging requirement here is developing your own confidence in your approach and activities. Genuine confidence will radiate from you and impact beneficially on those around as you deepen your conviction. You cannot know the outcome for sure, but you must experience a conviction that what you are considering is sensible and can, given your best efforts, succeed.

Radiating Confidence and Getting Involved represented by the Dyads in the Structural Hierarchy of Creativity in Work.

This confidence via conviction depends on combining two adjacent uses of willpower (the Dyads). In each case, the lower Level must operate meaningfully while the upper Level ensures that your position is sensible.

The function of these Dyads is to specify your position so as to gain assurance and deserve credibility. Only deep personal conviction can give you the practical knowledge and inner sense of trust and security in what you are attempting. This is a pre-requisite for others taking you seriously.

You deepen your conviction in six ways corresponding to the 6 Dyads, each of which is a personal position that expresses confidence:

Establishing personal control over the challenge using these sources of confidence is about communicating with yourself and liking what you hear. You will then naturally communicate your conviction to others in an effective manner. The questions you must ask yourself, and the source of your answers are explained below.

Ways of Deepening

Conviction develops and shows up in regard to participation (dedication, involvement), specification (conceptions, ownership) and continuation (conclusions, iteration).

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