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Conduits of Autonomy


Willpower can be an uncontrollable beast. Although courage and positivity in the face of the challenge-RG7 must be unwavering, willpower-RG1 must be held in check. As an expression of autonomy, it needs to be guided and tamed. If the effort is not meaningful, you will go down dead-ends or even act in counter-productive ways. When willpower is used meaningfully, it can generate possibilities from which a creative solution will ultimately emerge.

The key issues for autonomy in using willpower through the seven conduits are:

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The Conduits

RG17: Be Fully Willing

Being Fully Willing requires that you maintain a readiness to do anything relevant and expect to encounter surprises and experience disappointments.

RG16: Be Ever Purposeful

Being Ever Purposeful requires that you ensure that relevant values and goals are always present in whatever you think, say and do in relation to the challenge.

RG15: Intensify Communication

Intensifying Communication requires that you refer to and describe challenge aspects and issues more often and more carefully than usual, paying closer attention to the context, what others are telling you, and non-verbal messages.

RG14: Intensify Experiences

Intensifying Experiences requires that you attend constantly to the flow of inner thoughts, feelings and images, and be ready to assign them greater value than usual and sharpen your focus to explore them.

RG13: Target Change

Targeting Change requires that you determine what overall state of affairs counts as a definite stage in meeting the challenge.

RG12: Focus Inquiry

Focusing Inquiry requires that you seek relevant information and understanding in a suitable and discriminating way.

RG11: Take Action

Taking Action requires that you promptly do whatever is needed to enable the higher uses of willpower.


Of course, the release of personal energies can only do so much. Relevant possibilities are indeed generated, but how significant are they? Will they lead anywhere? Will others support them? The only way to discover the answer is to develop a deeper conviction. Without that conviction, it is impossible to become confident yourself, or to inspire confidence in others.

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