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Creativity in Endeavours

Creativity is for Everyone

Creativity is about «bringing something of value into existence». Creativity makes a substantial difference to what is achieved in any endeavour: unpaid, entrepreneurial or within employment.

Even if being creative adds a degree of stress to work, there is much pleasure in activating and using personal creativity. In principle, everyone has it in them to be creative at work for one simple reason: it is part of the human condition.

Note: Creativity to support Work  Work to support Creativity. ClosedMore:

Endeavour is One Thing

All our endeavours flow from the operation of the Will. Any project can be more fully understood by recognizing its origins in the framework of personal endeavour-RH as shown at right.

The essential nature of any personal endeavour is threefold:

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Creativity in an Endeavour is Something Else

Creativity flows primarily from the higher transcendence-enabling Levels: from willingness, from values and goals, and from communication—with inner experience as the crucial mediator.

It is possible to include these transcendental states as forces in every Level of a THEE Structural Hierarchy, because each of its Levels or Groupings contains all the Levels of the originating hierarchy. So we can conjecture with confidence that a Root Structural Hierarchy (RsH) exists. With transcendent potentials intrinsic to every single Level/Grouping, this structure will provide us with a Framework used to ensure creativity in any personal endeavour.

Closed Technical Details

Structural Hierarchies are developed by grouping adjacent Levels of THEE’s 7-Level holistic hierarchies. «Holistic» means that Levels in the hierarchy broadly imply or include each other. Most THEE hierarchies including those derived from a spiral transformation are holistic, and therefore allow this re-modelling.

The first «Level» in a Structural Hierarchy is a Grouping of 1 Level i.e. Grouping-1 (G1) contains 7 Groups that are Monads i.e. made up of 1 original Level. The next «Level» will contain all Groups of 2 adjacent Levels i.e. G2 contains 6 Dyads…and so on until we reach G7, the Heptad Grouping where there is just one Group consisting of all 7 original Levels.

As a result, every G-Level contains all the Levels of the originating hierarchy i.e. the original differentiation of an entity into Levels has been replaced by a re-unification applicable at each G-Level.

There are 28 Groups (components) in a Structural Hierarchy. However, definition of this THEE form is far more complex.

The Levels within any Group ('internal Levels') are labelled with a lower case 'g', e.g. g4 refers to the 4thLevel in each of the Tetrads, Pentads, Hexads and the Heptad. (It does not exist in the Monads, Dyads and Triads because these have less than 4 internal Levels.)

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