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Two Powers Combine

Warning:  This Topic is highly technical. You only need to read the final Conjecture that leads to a new set of frameworks.

Level-6 is Powerful

In reviewing what is me and mine, it seemed that existential security was only to be found in half of RL6: my purposes. This is not the first time that the 6th Level has seemed to be special. It was one of the earliest features noticed in the Taxonomy.

In the 7 Primary Hierarchies, it is fairly well established that Level-6 has a controlling and reasoning quality that combines with the openness and imaginative qualities of Level-7 to orient and largely determine actualities within the lower 5 Levels. ClosedAs confirmation: 

Another feature of Level-6 in Primary Hierarchies, is its property of generating identity-related entities. This takes the form of a nested hierarchy within PHL6 called a Principal Typology. Each Level is a distinctive Type. These 7 Types turn out to be specialized vehicles—mentalities or mindsets in a person, approaches or paradigms in textbooks—oriented to how the Primary Hierarchy should be—or must be or is—operated.

The Type at each Level in the Typology seems to take a crucial part of its nature from the corresponding Level in the Primary Hierarchy, and forces that quality on to the other Levels. That correspondence is the main way As discoveries accumulated, it became evident that all Types of a particular Level have certain general qualities whatever their Principal Typology. More recently, this similarity has been linked to a projection from the Root Hierarchy: see Architecture Room. that the hierarchical ordering can be determined.

Root Hierarchy is Powerful

The Root Hierarchy is definitely different from the other THEE hierarchies in various ways, some of which have been posted. Still, intuitively, given that this hierarchy gives rise to the 5,000-10,000 elements of THEE, it must surely be something extraordinary.

It is worth checking the conjecture that the structural principle of nesting associated with 6th Levels in Primary Hierarchies applies. If it applies, then within RL6-Purpose, there would be a Root Typology with Types/Systems of some sort that would be purposive conceptions or transcendental endeavours that indicate what any of my endeavours should be &/or how they should be handled.

Remember:Closed Endeavour is everything we do i.e. far more than work. If you are unsure, re-read this earlier «Remember» paragraph.

Our lives consist of numerous endeavours pursued simultaneously and consecutively: in work, family life, education, recreation, community activity, charity and more. These seem only loosely related to each other, and different endeavours rise and fall in prominence over the years. Is there something transcendental that unites or forms a thread in what we do? Taxonomic principles suggest that there must be.

So: This is the Conjecture

There is a set of easily recognizable «somethings» (if we have the eyes to look and the willingness to see) that shape or influence what we do in some overarching way. They must be about how each of us chooses to live our lives, perhaps our purpose or destiny.

ClosedInitial Presumptions

This conjecture, the inquiry challenge pursued in the Better Self Satellite, is about what deeply guides our life as a whole.

Originally posted : 24-Aug-2011

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