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How the Map Developed

Step 1: My Autonomy & My Constraints

The «Framework for My Endeavour» was developed based on the confidence gained from exploring the hierarchy of Personal Endeavour. To introduce the dynamism and pressures characteristic of personal endeavours, the relevant duality was identified:  autonomous v constrained. This was applied to each Level to create Centres representing distinct choices, activities and conditions.
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Links between the various levels in the Root Hierarchy, also showing the internal duality of Trasncendence and Actualization. Tree of Personal Endeavour showing Centres only.

Step 2: Getting Real in Wider Society

Then various Channels of influence between Centres were identified in sets:

The intra-Level set ensured social engagement.

The inter-Level set ensured development of a transcendental conception, and then moved that through to its actualization in messy reality.

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Tree of Personal Endeavour showing intra-level Channels: Legitimate (RL6), Explain (RL5), Facilitate (RL3) Tree of Personal Endeavour showing Channels that cross only one Level.

Step 3: Overcoming Obstacles

Once the endeavour is in place, it becomes essential to reinforce actualization via additional Channels feeding into lower Centres and bypassing Levels/Centres that may be distracting, obstructive or dysfunctional. This is not possible between RL7-Willingness and RL5-Communication: possibly on the basis thatClosed God gave us tongues to hide our thoughts. But more likely due to the goals and social norms being so fundamental to any endeavour that they must not be by-passed.
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Full identification with the endeavour. This ignores the messy or complicated details in documents, and I realize "it is impossible to put all that I feel and know into words".

External review. This ignores my own experience and views of the endeavour. Naturally," I am not sure what to do if I disagree with what it has to say".

Reality-checks. These get me away from the complexities, pleasures, irritations and flag-waving associated with «making progress». "I have to ask hard questions, investigate determinedly, and then assemble and digest all evidence".

Direct intervention. This ignores checking and inquiry with its delays, costs and complexities. I simply develop and introduce courses of action. "I must always be prepared to make decisions or force action rather than waiting and hoping.
  Tree of Personal Endeavour showing Channels that cross two levels.

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Originally posted : 24-Aug-2011

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