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Review: It's About You

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My personal endeavour, considered in the most general terms, and emphasizing «my» (i.e. «you» in the first person, not «you as an onlooker») can be mapped as a THEE Tree. Let's move to «you» in this review.

The conception of an endeavour that you develop, occurs in a transcendent state which is largely under your control.

Top half of the Tree showing Centres and Channels relating to Transcendence.

The execution that you must embrace, enables actualization. This demands that you put in a great deal of effort. You are constantly required to make thoughtful judgements about matters where full knowledge and certainty is impossible.

Bottom half of the Tree showing Centres and Channels relating to Actualization.

These two halves are joined by two Channels that seem to bypass you.

Middle part of the Tree showing Centres and Channels that bypass RL4-My Experience.

However, it is evident that you retain considerable control over how and what you Highlight and what happens in the Dictate Channel. It is your endeavour after all. So you must be prepared and determined to Mould and Colour and Focus and Structure those four problematic Centres until you are satisfied. To do so, you will need to explain and get explained aspects of the endeavour, so that you understand what is going on. Facilitation of progress is needed, by ensuring adaptations and planned changes interrelate, or your endeavour will lose its way.

If you fail too often in using these Channels, then the Channel determining your personal engagement within the transcendental realm will progressively weaken. 

Support is the name of the  Channel from RL7-Willingness to RL4-Experience.

This is not necessarily a bad thing.

Time eats Life.

Everything is born, grows, ripens, ages, withers and dies.

Suddenly or slowly, after success or failure, you will say to yourself 'the time has come" or "enough is enough". And you will quit, get out, stop or bring your endeavour to an end. Once transcendental support is lost, it is difficult to regain it, and near-impossible to operate without it.

Great! You are now ready to start something new.

So start dreaming.

See the whole Tree in a new window.

Originally posted : 24-Aug-2011

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